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treevi1.mov1.25 MBChief Wiggum who shoot the basketbal player
treei1.mov1.9 MBDie, die, everybody die!
treeii1.mov6.8 MBBart goes about his morning reoutine as the supreme ruler of Springfield.
treeii2.mov2.0 MBBart uses his powers to teleport Homer into a football game; as the ball.
treev2.mov6.8 MBMarge discovers Homer has gone crazy because of a lack of beer and TV.
Thompson.mov2.3 MB Homer changing his name to Homer Thompson. He is pretty slow.
treeiii1.mov6.1 MBKing Homer resists capture in the wild.
treeiii2.mov3.7 MBKing Homer runs amuck in downtown Springfield.
treev1.mov4.7 MBMarge issues a disclaimer about the halloween special.
plow.qt1.8 MBMr. Plow
colossus.mov2.9 MBDr. Colossus and his Colosso boots
ahhhhh.avi150 KA Nightmare
worker.qt2.5 MBWorker and Parasite
laugh.avi82 KBart's laugh
barneyship.qt1.4 MBBarneys Heart stops
beerexplosion.qt1.8 MBBeer explosion on April fools
jfk.mpg432 KItchy and Scratchy JFK sequence
whacking.mpg822 KHomer practices for Whacking Day
quatloos.qt1.1 MB400 Quatloos
dawnman.qt4.4 MBThe dawn of man
perry.mpg1.7 MBLuke Perry being shoot from a cannon
trap.mpg1.1 MBHomer gets caught in a foot noose trap
judo.qt2.4 MBWhacking day with sound
fuzzybunny.qt5.2 MBFuzzy Bunny's guide to you know what
newton.qt3.5 MBtake a message on your newton
speed.mov2.3 MBSpeedway Squad.. in color
spirit.mov1.4 MBThe spirit of the 60's
candy.mov2.7 MBsee you in hell candy boys!
robot-simmons.mov3.6 MBRobotic Richard Simmons
frink.mov4.3 MBtheoretical third dimension
ottosong.mov1.9 MByou can do it Otto
ohnobrain.mov2.7 MBOh no, my brain
ben2.mov4 MBGentle Ben
burns-screen.qt1.9 MBBurns Screen Saver
dreampolice.mov2.7 MBApu sings with Cheap Trick
homer3d.mov3.1 MB3D Homer
gremlin.mov3.2 MBthere's a gremlin on the side of the bus
wang.mov1.2 MBWang computers
judo.qt2.4 MBWhacking Day Practice Long
simpson1.qt1.3 MBLisa makes some saves
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